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Well, it's an ok picture. That's me on the left and my friend
Eric on the right but don't look at it too hard because it is like 2 years old.
I have changed just a little since then. As soon as I get a recent one scanned
in, I'll be sure to put it on here in place of this one.

Me and Eric, just chilling!!

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Jeff Gordon fans get the hell out of here!!

My top 4 Interests

1) Krystle
3) Virginia Tech
4) Talking to Krystle! (I had to put her in here twice!!)

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What's up everybody?? I am just starting this web page so bear with me as I update it and work on it. My name is Shawn and I am just a guy who likes to have fun just like everyone else. I am currently 18 and I am going to a community college to major in Computer Programming. I love playing soccer and just hanging out with people. There are just three more things that I want to say and they are: 1)check out my floating e-mail link and use it, 2)please sign my guestbook, and 3)leave me a message!! See ya later and thanks for checking out my page!!

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